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Fragile World

She's met the man of her dreams ... but does he really exist?

Reel Mockery: The sheer cleverness of Fragile World is undoubtedly one of its most admirable attributes.The film also possesses originality, which is nearly impossible to find in mainstream movies. Sandy Boikian interlinked reality and fiction to craft a masterful, thought-provoking film, which explores very serious subject matter. ... read more

One Film Fan: Delivering a very grounded, real-world, engrossing, and highly unique take on concepts of mental health, faith in God, and loss, Fragile World paints a dramatically striking portrait of human frailty and our fundamental, intrinsic need to feel loved, secure, and well-balanced, even when our present, undealt with circumstances are fighting against it. ... read more

Rockin' God's House: What I love about Fragile World is that it doesn’t obsess over the pain in Rosalie’s heart using the “edgy” hyperbole so common in the films of our generation where the writer feels an incessant itch to turn the character’s illness into a shocking spiral of gratuitous darkness. ... read more

Stabs of Joy: Fragile World transcends any religious genre and shines on its own merits as a well-written indie film, Christian or not. The film accomplishes things many mainstream big budget movies fail to accomplish ... read more

Faith Flix: In a word, it’s brilliant! From the initial opening credits I was hooked. ... I can honestly say that no matter how hard I tried to figure it out, many of the twists and turns caught me completely by surprise, and yet they worked so perfectly. ... read more

The Dove Foundation: This remarkable and powerful film has earned five Doves, our best rating. It reveals the mental anguish that real life can cause, but offers the promise of a brighter tomorrow for a troubled soul. ... read more

PolitiChicks Top 10 Faith Films of 2015: You will be kept guessing about what is real and what is fantasy. The film successfully explores mental illness and God’s love. ... read more

Cindy Navarro: Sandy Boikian has come through with yet another film that captures my imagination, makes me think, and thoroughly entertains. Each actor brings another layer, with the main characters giving nuances that build to the suspense of reality and their own conceptions of what is happening. ... read more

Refreshing Talk: I was totally drawn into the story ... May this film be a vehicle for insight & healing for many! ... read more

Sally Matheny: While fictional in story, Fragile World may shatter a few misconceptions about those who suffer with the realities of mental illness. It certainly refreshed my perspective. ... read more

The Independent Critic: Fragile World is refreshingly devoid of the whole "us vs. them" mentality that can so often sabotage any hopes that a faith-based film could actually be used to reach out to others. ... read more

IMDb (internet Movie Database): The acting was superb, the directing impeccable, the plot clever and imaginative, and the characters were very believable and sympathetic. Bravo to Boikian for tackling the difficult subjects of mental illness, death and faith in God all in one film. ... read more In a story like Fragile World, the lessons are different—love instead of mindless sex for the asking; faith instead of magic; giving instead of endless taking; reality instead of wishful thinking. ... read more

CFDb (Christian Film Database): A heartbreaking film that brings hope and healing. ... read more

To Be A Person: Fragile World, a story about people suffering from Dementia, was an interesting surprise. When I started watching the movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but fantastically, I smiled at the end. ... read more

Christian Media Magazine: Fragile World is indeed one of the most amazing pieces of art that I have ever witnessed, and also the very first Christian film I have viewed that has actually tackled the issue of mental health and spirituality. NOTE: Unless you have already seen the film, please skip down to Paragraph 5 to avoid spoilers! ... read more

Interview with Director Sandy Boikian on To Be A Person: The lovely Sandy Boikian is a writer, director and producer ... read more


"You captured and held our wonder." - L.T.

"Beautiful message, great story, suspenseful ... so much to keep us guessing until the very end." - C.M.

"Inspiring, realistic, grabbed my heart!" - F.M.

“Writer/Director Boikian conveys in this story both the mystery and clarity with which God works in our lives.” – C.T.

“How refreshing to see characters meet God NOT because another characters tells them, ‘You need Him,’ but due to God working DIRECTLY in their lives in cool and creative ways. That’s so ‘God’!” – F.R.

"I was totally engaged throughout trying to get to the bottom of her story - once again, you develop the story in a subtle and entertaining way." – L.T.

“As a long-time fan of Boikian’s plays, I’ve come to expect surprise plot twists, but the ‘reveal’ in this film floored me. I haven’t felt that since ‘The Sixth Sense.’ No one will see it coming.” - J.A.

“Spirituality is woven through this unique movie in a way that is both mysterious and clear.” – C.T.

“I appreciated the exploration of mental illness and God’s love, and applaud the courageous effort to deal with challenging concepts.” – W.T.

“The film displays the mysterious and sovereign way God works in lives.” – L. T.

"This film addresses some important and often neglected issues." - J.S.

"A unique story with a whole lot of heart!" - F.B.C.

“Truly a cutting-edge piece. I speak on behalf of those who are tired of mediocrity and bland feel-good movies that get produced due to ‘playing it safe.’ The makers of Fragile World dared to take risks, to which I say AMEN!” – C.T.

"The film displays the mysterious and sovereign way God works in lives."- L.T.

“Weeks have gone by and I’m still thinking about Fragile World. That is the sign of a powerful movie.” – C.T.


"It’s less about God than one woman’s pursuit of spiritual fulfillment." - Christian, 19, High School student

"This movie was really well done. It honestly kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, it drew me in with all of the twists." - Marc, 18, Florida

"Was enjoyable, even though I am not a religious man." - 17-year-old high schooler

“Very touching film; plot twists, emotional scenes, and well placed comic relief lead me to give the film two thumbs up and a head nod!” - Mitch, 17, Houston TX